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    Top 5 astounding benefits to decorating your home!

    Top 5 astounding benefits to decorating your home!

    Big changes come from small steps.


    pink bedroom "shine like the universe is yours" poster black frame

    Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. One of the best reasons to decorate your home (especially if you are renting) is to bring a little bit of you into the space! Our environments reflect our internal worlds and who wants a bland white walled internal world? A little bit of art goes a long way in making a place feel like home. After all a house with empty walls is just a house, a house full of art is a home!


    An improved mood

    kitchen with food on counter framed posters of "strawberries" "avocado" "lemon" "dragon fruit"

    A beautifully decorated home is proven to have a positive effect on our moods! It is important for us to surround ourselves with things that we think are beautiful as well as things that represent some part of us. This way home is a place that we look forward to being, not just because it is our space but because it is our beautiful space.



    neutral themed room motivational framed black poster "say yes to adventure"

    While motivational posters are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of optimism, an exquisitely decorated home also serves as motivation to keep that beautiful home clean. As our external world is a reflection of our internal world, a clean, beautiful home is a great step towards a more positive and motivated internal world! Why not start every day in a stunning, clean, and positive space?


    A more hospitable home

    comfy living room four framed posters on the wall black frame blue sofa green pillows wall art decorative posters

    It is a fact that a skillfully decorated space is more pleasant for those who visit us! Why not take a little time to ensure that our friends and family are welcomed to a wonderful and welcoming environment every time they come to see us? Present your home and yourself in the best light possible!


    Conceal design flaws

    art inspired framed posters hanging on art wall

    Another benefit of decorating your home is the ability to disguise and conceal design flaws! Framed posters do a wonderful job with covering up any imperfection that may arise during the painting process of any room that you may be redecorating! These things happen and covering up a mistake can look even better in the end than just re-doing the whole thing.


    Final take-away

    Decorating your home can seem like a daunting task like any other project, but if you take small steps to improve the appearance of your home as often as you can, in no time you will be living in a place that just screams YOU! It is clear that decoration has many benefits to our external space as well as our internal space by improving external appearance and positively effecting our moods. So, take the first steps to living in your ideal home by picking out a piece (or a few) piece(s) of art to hang on your walls to bring any space to life instantly! After all a house with empty walls is just a house a house full of art is a home!


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