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    From sketch to the final poster: How are our posters made?

    From sketch to the final poster: How are our posters made?

    Step one: Inspiration

    woman standing in front of art board and posters

    The first step in creating any form of art is inspiration! Our team of designers work hard, looking for various things that inspire them in all forms of art from music to sculpture. At any given moment at least one member of the design team is looking for inspiration for their next project. Encouraging this part of the process ensures that the final design comes from a source of inspiration rather than a quota that must be filled that month. 

    Step two: Design 

    woman sketching and painting

    Once our designers have come to a suitable source of inspiration they get to the nitty gritty work of making a piece that expresses what inspired them in the first place in the best way possible! Generally this is when rough sketches are done. Slowly but surely rough lines turn into refined edges and this is where the technology comes in. All designs are done in the industry standard graphic design software Adobe Illustrator. This is how vector graphics are produced (this means the image can be shrunk down or expanded in order to achieve maximum quality at any size!) 

    Step three: Print

    magnifying glass on hues of blue and lavender

    When a designer is happy with the design he/she sends the file over to our print shop where masters of the craft with decades of experience among them get to work turning the digital into the real! Each poster goes through a number of machines to lay down the flat colors or images and then finally to lay down the digital gold leaf. In some cases some designs require multiple pass throughs through some of the machines involved in order to achieve the exact look the designer was going for. This is especially true when the designer is trying to achieve a “weathered gold” look in the segments of the design that are covered in the digital gold foil. 


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