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    3 ways to effectively decorate a space with framed posters!

    3 ways to effectively decorate a space with framed posters!


    Generally when decorating our homes we have a color palette in mind which we use to pick out our furniture and other items that complete the look of our homes. The same can be done with posters! 

    When choosing a poster for any room there are a few options:


    room styled with a monochromatic color scheme freedom poster

    An amazing way to combine colors is to select one and then use different shades of this color to create a monochromatic look for any space! Whichever color you select by varying the shade or hue of the selected color you can achieve a very clean and minimalistic look in any room.


    analogous room color scheme yellow green orange avocado poster

    You can go the more traditional route by picking out a poster (or even a collection of posters!) that prominently feature a color that you have chosen for your walls or your furniture. This would mean that the posters that you are choosing feature colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Because of their physical closeness on the color wheel these colors (and their various shades!) tend to go very well together. 


    always unique poster green wall complimentary colors

    You can also choose posters with colors that are complementary to those of your walls and furniture to make them really stand out! Complementary colors are just colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel and they always look amazing together, confirming the age old adage “opposites attract” 


    tropical room with abstract art posters

    Curating your own small home gallery can be done by selecting thematically similar posters be it by art style or the theme the images themselves carry! One way a space can be tied together by a singular theme is by using a collection of posters that are all done in the abstract style. This way you can tie together a room which otherwise might feel like it doesn’t have a defined style. This method of decoration can also be used to express a room's purpose by featuring art that carries the theme of food in the kitchen or dining room for example. Check out our curated collections for inspiration or make your own! 

    The right place 

    Minimalistic room with three black and white posters hung in line next to each other

    The right placement of a poster is hugely dependent on the space and the feel that you are trying to create in that specific room. For example a minimalistic room would look very good with posters neatly hung on the walls in a row with equal spacing between them. However, this would not necessarily be the right decision for a more artistic/bohemian space. In a room with a bohemian design an asymmetrical arrangement is a more relaxed and fitting way to hang your poster art. If you want to create a studio feel to your space an option is leaning your poster art against the wall on a shelf or at the end of a table creating a sense of unfinished-ness. 

    Final thoughts 

    A well curated wall of poster art could be just the thing that your home needs to really bring out your unique style! It is also a very enjoyable and creative process during which you can really bring out your inner interior designer while playing around with different themes, colors, and arrangements. Whether you choose one of our curated collections or make your own you can't go wrong! Just remember to have fun while decorating.


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